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國家技能認證制度 National Skills Recognition

國家資歷架構 National Qualifications Framework,NQF

創新育成中心 Center of Innovative Incubator

research framework
general surgery

整形外科 plastic surgery

泌尿外科 urology surgery

神經外科 neurosurgery

婦產科 obstetrics and gynecology ophthalmology

耳鼻喉科 otolaryngology

心臟外科 cardiovascular surgery

直腸外科 colo-rectal surgery

口腔外科 oral surgery

醫院的經營管理 hospital management

病人用藥安全的管理 management of inpatient medication safety

手術中外科手術敷料的計數追蹤管理 traceability management of the surgical dressing in surgery

乳癌術後的感染控制 post-operative infection control for the breast cancer

氣管內管的位置追蹤管理 traceability management of endotracheal tube position

病人的安全轉送 safety management of transferred patients

手術病人全期護理照護 perioperative service/care

手術室護理人員 surgical nursing staff

主動式 RFID tag

條碼系統 bar code

超小型行動電腦 ultra-mobile personal computer (UMPC)

手術病人前進監測追蹤系統 Patients Advancement Monitoring Systems - Surgical (PAMS)

急診部門 the emergency department

麻醉科 the anesthesiology department

手術室 the operation room

恢復室 the postoperative recovery room

住院病房 the ordinary ward

手術排程系統 the operation scheduling system

無線射頻辨識系統 Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

手術病人前進監測系統 Patients Advancement Monitoring Systems - Surgical (PAMS)

手術病人全期照護流程管理 perioperative service

標籤 RFID tag

讀取器 RFID reader

應用系統 application system

感應晶片卡 sensing chip

非接觸標籤 non-contact tag

射頻訊號 wireless radio frequency messages

強制 coercion

資本 capital

積累 accumulation

封疆大吏 local coercion

集中 concentration

悲愴大師 Pathetique Master

憂鬱又抒情 gloomy and sentimental

資質 intelligence

魯賓斯坦 Rubinstein

精神崩潰 to crack up; lose one’s mental health; nervous breakdown

體悟 recognize

霍亂 cholera

西歐式的俄國人 west - Europe style Russian

浪漫時期 romantic era

俄國民族音樂 Russian folk music

管弦樂 orchestra music

芭蕾舞劇 ballet

「天鵝湖」 Swan Lake

拉赫曼尼諾夫 Rachmaninov

悲愴與協奏曲 Pathetique and concertos

「悲愴交響曲」The Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Pathétique, Op. 74

絕望 despair

哀怨 sorrow

失落 disappointment

寫照 epitome

掏光自己的感情 set his heart and sentiment on

D大調小提琴協奏曲」 The Violin Concerto in D major

「第一號鋼琴協奏曲」 The Piano Concerto No. 1

豪放 bold and unconstrainedこのブラウザではこの画像を表示できない可能性があります。

哀愁 sadness

濃烈的情感 strong emotion

內向 introversion

敏感的 sensitive

舞台恐懼症 stage phobia

梅克夫人 Madam von Meck

貴人 mentor; an important person

資助 to patronize; to give financial assistance to

精神上的支柱 spiritual support; spiritual pillar

斷絕來往 to break off friendly relations

深受打擊 frustrated

消沈的 depressed

芭蕾舞劇在俄國 Ballet in Russia

有一定的 (有一定程度的) to some extent
市場區隔 market segment
不必然的 not inevitable
趨之若鶩 to go after in a swarm
對立 opposite

在廣大的中國社會 in huge society of China
代乳品 milk substitute
奶媽 wet nurse
斷乳期 weaning period
灌溉 irrigate
民族幼苗 seedlings of our nation
不免的 unavoidable; inevitable
金字招牌 hallmark
訴諸 appeal to
營養需求 nutrition for their daily requirements
設備優良的 well equipped;
設備優良 state of the art equipments/ facilities
符合科學to follow/meet the scientific criteria

生理 physiology
成分 component
生理發展 physical development
母體maternal organism
子宮收縮uterus contraction
餵母乳將使青春不在 breastfeeding leads to the loss of youth
餵母乳行為的表面依舊 the behavior of breastfeeding appears the same as usual
鼓吹 advocate
披上一層西方醫學的外衣 under the cloak of western medical knowledge
姿態 posture; stance
深獲肯定 gain recognition; win a good reputation
上層社會the upper circles; the higher order
未能攻陷哺餵母乳的堡壘 can’t capture the bastion of concept for breastfeeding
科學數據scientific data; studies
在在證明 repeated proofs

簡略 too simple; sketchy; brief
餵母乳 breastfeeding
內涵 implication
倡導 advocate
「兒童是國家未來的主人翁」 children are the future masters of the nation
產婦 expectant mother
負起「國民之母」的責任 assume the responsibility of the mother of the nation
國族命脈 lifeblood of the country
私領域 private sphere
母子親情行為 mother-and-son relationship
一躍 to become ……… almost at a leap
公領域 public sphere
國民義務 national obligation
愛國行動patriotic behavior/action

內憂外患 internal revolt and foreign invasion; domestic trouble and foreign invasion; internal disorder and external invasion
國勢衰弱 (a country) being weak and feeble and becoming a prey to foreign invasion
救國圖存 save the nation and struggle for existence
強國強種 to strengthen our country and offspring
「興旺家族」to have a flourishing family; to prosper one’s family and multiply
「復興民族」revive one’s nation
「長者為尚」to respect and obey to the seniors
「兒童本位」的理念 children-based concepts
固本培元 to strengthen the body and consolidate the constitution
哺育 to feed; to suckle

樂聖 maestro

神童 child prodigy; wunderkind

循此 follow

天賦 talent; gift

成效不彰 not being productive or not getting enough feedback on; not effective

另請高明 to try and find someone better; to ask someone else

發揮潛能to reach one’s potential; to develop one’s full potential

耳疾卻日漸嚴重 his hearing began to deteriorate

喪失聽力 completely deaf

撼動 To move one's heart; to shake people's faith

新紀元 new era

脈動 throb; beat; pulse

古典主義 classicism

靈性 spirituality

熱與力 passion and enthusiasm

布拉姆斯 Brahms

馬勒 Mahler

荀白克 Schoenberg

羅曼·羅蘭 Romain Rolland

小說《約翰·克里斯多夫》 Jean-Christophe

浪漫主義時代 romantic era

屈就 stoop

不朽 immortal

柔和的 mild

燃燒的 burning

協奏曲 concerto

室內樂 chamber music

鋼琴奏鳴曲piano sonata

「月光奏鳴曲」 Moonlight

「第九號交響曲」The Symphony No. 9

聆賞 listen and enjoy

總結 summary

歡樂頌 song of joy

歐盟 European Union

陽性 masculine

豪邁 bold and heroic

意志力十分強大 strong will, extraordinary strength of mind/will

坎坷 rough; rugged; full of frustrations

無法修成正果 without result

算數 calculation

主題提示 exposition

開展 development

主題再現 recapitulation


發揚光大 spread further; carry forward

交響曲之父 Father of the Symphony

小村莊的天才 Genius in the village

民謠 folk

兒童合唱團 children’s choir

嶄露頭角 come to the fore

豐碩 plenty

化簡為繁的高手 grand master in musical complexity and sophistication

抒情 sentimental

主題音樂 thematic music

主調 tonic key

靈性的 spiritual

弦樂四重奏 String Quartet

把玩音符 play with notes

精緻 exquisite

倫敦交響曲系列 the London symphonies

成熟 come to maturity

圓熟 skillful, proficient

「驚愕」 the Surprise ( Symphony)

「時鐘」 the Clock (Symphony)

突如其來 to come all of a sudden, to come without a warning; abruptly

規律地 regularly

「倫敦」London (Symphony)

海頓老爹與莫札特 Papa Haydn and Mozart

專業度高的 highly professional

自恃 self-conceited

佳話 much-told tale

忘年之交 a friendship beyond generations/the ages

結構分明 clear-structured symphonies

管弦樂曲 sinfonia

文藝復興時期 the Renaissance

多聲部音樂polyphonic music

樂章 movement

快板 allegro

慢板 lento

奏鳴曲 sonata

振奮人心to boost popular morale

舞曲形式 dance-like


寵物治療-pet therapy

療癒動物-therapeutic animal

治療過程-therapy process

主要媒介 - main media

結構化- structural

療法 therapy

文獻 document


十四次治療單元 therapy of 14 sessions


回饋單 feedback

紮根理論-grounded theory

分析策略 analysis strategy

治療關係-therapeutic relationship

促發 to prompt, motivate, propel

打破 break

治療方案 therapy program

自省- self-awareness

自我勝任- self-competence

結構複雜 complex – structured

管風琴 pipe organ

體積 volume

造價 building cost

風琴 organ

腳踏鼓風裝置 pedal driven blower device( I guess)

簧片 reed

音管 pipe

宏大 huge

莊嚴 solemn

司琴手 = 彈琴的人 organist

結構複雜 complex – structured

管風琴 pipe organ

體積 volume

造價 building cost

風琴 organ

獻給神的心聲 a devotion to Christ and his cross

荒島 desert island

馬太受難曲 the St Matthew Passion


慈愛的 affectionate

傳世;留傳給後人的東西 legacy

宗教音樂 sacred music

不足為奇 nothing to be surprised at

管風琴手 organist

榮耀神 for the glory of God; glorifiy god

純淨 pure; simplehearted


巴洛克的大師 the greatest composer of the Baroque era

提昇 to elevate

樹立 to establish

複調音樂 polyphony

賦格 Fugue

聖經 model; standard

尊崇 worship; respect

濃厚的 strong

德國曲風 German musical style

風潮 trend

洛可可式與古典主義 Rococo and later Classical styles


the musical fashion tended towards Rococo and later Classical styles. (from Wikipedia)

忽視 not well-known; neglect

受難曲 the Passions

音樂之父 the father of all music

音樂世家 musical family

小康 well fixed; well to do

投奔 to seek shelter

揣摩 to fathom

大鍵琴 harpsichord

管風琴 pipe organ

編曲 composition

享譽 to enjoy/gain/earn reputation

涵蓋 to contain; to involve

中壯年 the prime of life

腦傷案主 victim of brain damage

寵物治療 Pet Therapy


化解 smooth away

互動經驗 interactive experience

信任關係 trust relationship

滋養 nourishment

連接線 connection line

狗醫生親善大使Pet Partner Goodwill Ambassador

團隊任務 team task

停滯狀態 stagnation state

後設認知能力 Metacognition ability

自我概念 self-concept

寵物治療-pet therapy

狗醫生-Dr. Dog


生醫微流道晶片(Bio-Microchannel Chips)

聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯(Polymethyl Methacrylate, PMMA)

生物相容性( bio-compatibility)

自組裝單分子膜(Self-assembled Monolayers,SAMs)

Octadecyltrimethoxy silane (ODS)

Octadecyltrichloro silane (OTS)


接觸角(contact angle)

傾斜角(slip angle)

傅立葉紅外線光譜儀(Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer ,FTIR).

場發射掃描式電子顯微鏡(Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope, FE-SEM)

末端官能基(terminal functionality)

表面粗造度(Surface roughness)

表面形貌(Surface topography)

疏水性質(hydrophobic property)

蛋白濃度分析試驗(bicinchoninic concentration assay )






黏附力(adhesion force)

磨擦力(friction force)

磨損性質(wear property)

烷基硫醇類及烷基矽硫(alkyl sulphur alcohol and alkyl silane solution)

前端官能基( head groups)

毛細力(capillary adhesion force)

長碳鏈(long carbon chain)

表面能 (surface energy)



胎牛血清(fetal-bovine-serum ,FBS)

磷酸鹽緩衝溶劑 (phosphatebuffered Saline,PBS)

原子力顯微鏡(atomic force microscopy ,AFM)


去離子水(DI water)



分光光度計(spectrophotometer )


牛血清蛋白(bovine serum albumin)

吸收峰 (peak)

比爾定律(Beer-Lambert Law)





吸收係數或莫耳吸收率(Absorption coefficient or molar absorptivity)

CS Internet Network

垃圾信 SPAM
黑名單 blacklist
關鍵字 content filter
貝氏定理 Bayesian Approach
郵件認證(E-mail authentication)
郵件伺服器 E-Mail Server
網路頻寬 Network Bandwidth
雜湊值 Hash Value

伺服器 Server
私密金鑰 Private Key
標頭 Header
暫時電子郵件位址 Disposable E-Mail Addresses
加密 Encrypt
解密 Decrypt
發送端 Sender
金鑰交換 Key Exchange
秘密值 secret

傑克梅第 Giacometti

解析光學激發-探測反射系統: Femtosecond Time-Resolved Pump and Probe reflectivity measurement


變波長: wavelength-dependent

變功率: power- dependent

能量鬆弛率:energy relaxation rate

電子和電子散射:carrier-carrer scattering

缺陷復合:defect recombination

歐傑復合:Auger recombination

屏蔽效應:screening effect

光子能量: photo energy


木質材料 wood materials

林產品 forest products

原木 log

製材 lumber

合板 plywood

組合板 composite board

木片 wood chip or chip

紙漿 pulp

粒片板 particle board

纖維板 fiber board

闊葉樹木漿 hardwood pulp

木製家具製造業 wood furniture industry

木材加工產業 wood processing industry

雜木林 mix wood trees

撫育 forest tending

國產材 domestic wood

碳貯存庫carbon pool

台灣區合板製造輸出業同業公會Taiwan Plywood Manufacturers and Exporters


台灣區造紙工業同業公會Taiwan Paper Industry Association

財政部關稅總局統計室Statistics Office, Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance

進出口貿易統計月報 Monthly Reports for Import and Export Trade

林區管理處 forest district office

風倒木windblow trees

枯立倒木 withered standing trees; or dead and down trees

林務局 Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture

經濟部統計處Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs

原木材積 log volume

薪炭材 fuel wood

木器製造業 wood manufacturing industry

木質容器製造業 wood container manufacturing industry

針葉樹 coniferous trees

離子不純物 = ionic impurity

污染 = contamination

液晶 = liquid crystal (LC)

阻抗值 = resistivity

基質 = matrix

檢量線 = calibration curve

液晶顯示器 = liquid crystal display (LCD)

分析 = analysis (analytical)

配向膜 = alignment film

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